What do you mean?

It is true. We all know that the SCRUM methodology has a very simple structure, but an extreme difficulty in implementing.

Teams have more autonomy. Yes, but it’s not anarchic nor individual autonomy. The autonomy of development teams is a responsible autonomy, which requires commitments and respect for the guidelines of the organisation or department. Yes, not all developers are willing to do that. I would even say that’s not what they prefer. It’s more convenient to have someone thinking, provide guidance and take responsibility for the problems, while we focus on what we do best, which is programming. So, this is one of the great difficulties we encounter in a team.

Then, we are working with a team. You know what that means? Means they have behaviors as individuals and behaviors as a team. The team is like another element of the group we deal with.Sounds confusing, but it’s what I observe in my experience of Scrum Master. The behavior of the team is not necessarily a reflection of individuals, it is more the sum or fusion of them all. Can become complicated interact with the team, but it’s also very rewarding.


We are animals of habits. It’s so easy to acquire new habits and not to realize it. A Scrum Master must always be evaluating everything to prevent being caught by these habits. It always happens the same way, today we allow that something is not done or done in the wrong way. Tomorrow we repeat it and on the third day no one remembers how it was before. The habit settles quickly. The Scrum Master should always be asking himself if that’s still SCRUM. Keep your eyes wide open.

It’s already complicated to deal with internal issues, we don’t need interference. Anything can happen. A boss who wants to manage the team closely, giving instructions that put in question its commitment in a sprint. In these cases the Scrum Master has to be very careful because a team is very vulnerable to managers. Sometimes it’s not the managers but customers or other stakeholders. But in these cases it is more easy to solve and the Product Owner helps.

Everyday is a challenge. There is no predictable days, there is no monotony. There are calm days and there are agitated days. Some days seem to be the very first day in SCRUM and other days we just feel proud of how our team managed to grow.

I like this job!

(picture: stored firewood waiting for next winter)